Voltes V Legacy – A Sentimental Journey for Anime fans | Pinoy TV Series (2023)

Voltes V Legacy is coming in the next few months!

GMA Network, the same channel that broadcast the original Voltes V anime, is set to show the Philippine live-action adaptation of the beloved mecha that many Filipinos grew up with in the 1970s.

Magkahalong excitement, pride, at saya ang aking naramdaman sa unang pagkakataong napanood ko ang trailer.


Official trailer: Voltes V Legacy | GMA Network

I was in high school when Toei’s Voltes V was shown on Philippine television. It was an exciting time for youngsters like me. Back in those days, most television sets are either multicolored (very few) or black and white (prevalent), Most kids watched their neighborhood’s TV sets because many can’t afford to have one.

Today’s contemporary audience fails to appreciate that Voltes V is – first and foremost – a love story. It’s the undying love between parents and their children. Such unconditional love requires nothing in return. In the original anime, both the brothers’ Mom and Dad made the ultimate sacrifice to save their children, and in turn, save the world from annihilation.

Many of the comments on the teaser/trailer come from ignorant minds who hardly took the time to research or watch the anime version.

It’s a soap opera! It’s an anime drama of the highest caliber, and it played on emotions. While that may sound rubbish or overly dramatic, you need to know the collective mindset of the viewers and the makers of Voltes V to appreciate it.

When it was taken off the air, I never associated it with politics. Being young, it appears to me that whoever did it was evil. I was not entirely wrong.


GMA Channel provides the following storyline for the upcoming TV show:

Three brothers Steve (Miguel Tanfelix), Big Bert (Matt Lozano), and Little Jon Armstrong (Raphael Landicho), and their friends Jamie Robinson (Ysabel Ortega) and Mark Gordon (Radson Flores) join forces to defend the Earth from humanoid aliens, known as Boazanians, who plans to invade the planet and launch their beast fighters all over the world. ‘Voltes: Legacy,’ written by Suzette Doctolero and directed by Mark Reyes, is an exclusive offering of the GMA Entertainment Group.

It bears the potential of being the Philippines’ first serious epic sci-fi TV show as it is partnered with Toei Company, Ltd., the same company that brought the robot saga to life, and its local licensor Telesuccess Productions, Inc. GMA also engaged the services of Riot Inc. Post-Production along with GMA Post Video graphics to handle the CGI and the live-action elements of the stories. ‘Voltes V: Legacy’ airs 2023 on GMA Telebabad.

Video description at gma official youtube

Voltes V Legacy Trailer Reaction

This attempt by a major Philippine network to capitalize on the anime craze around the world is commendable. While Voltes V Legacy’s special effects are no match to US-based anime effects, it succeeds in sending a strong message to other production companies. Filipino FX artists are world-class and can level up their efforts given generous funding.

There were inspirational bits from Pacific Rim, Top Gun, and even Star Trek and Star Wars!

The ‘butterfly return’ technique is an extraordinary way where Steve has to undergo so much hardship for Voltes V to win against an enemy. If you’re one of those kids who have watched the anime version, then you know what I’m talking about.

Call me overdramatic, but tears flow as I watched the trailer multiple times. I can recall my youth and life’s complexities as I remember going to school and finding it hard to even buy my own snack. Back in those days, we are poor and our house is the street’s residence for bats. Imagine my shame!

Yet, our poor condition serves as a challenge to move up the social ladder, and in as much as Voltes V features two worlds, the social conditions are the same. There are both the elite and the wretched poor. No other anime made the distinction more glaring than Voltes V.

And it’s all about serving justice to the high and mighty. That’s the reason why the original anime was taken off the air. But that’s another story worth writing, and my first impressions can be summed up by saying – what a sentimental journey it is that GMA is offering to Filipino anime fans! Whether we get disappointed or become jubilant with this show remains to be seen. What I know for sure is that I’m going to watch it – at any cost!

Notes on Acting Perfs

Voltes V Legacy - lead character of Steve Armstrong played by Miguel Tan Felix
Photo credit: Miguel Tan Felix’s photo was taken from his official Instagram account

It can’t get any better than having Miguel Tan Felix play Steve Armstrong in Voltes V Legacy. This is a casting scoop for the young actor. He’s definitely going to give justice to the character;

Acclaimed actor Martin del Rosario who is playing Prince Zardoz is the perfect choice for the main villain. del Rosario is a credible and intense actor who can play both leading man and villainy roles with ease.

I’ll probably reserve my critique on Ysabel Ortega, Radson Flores, and the other cast once I see the episodes.


Notable Video Reactions

This video reaction to Voltes V Legacy felt authentic and honest to me. I can relate to what he’s saying and there have been plenty of other reactors to the trailer. I find his reaction to being a major highlight!

What he said about other countries subscribing to the series and showing it locally is something I appreciate.

The above Voltes V Legacy video reaction is – perhaps – the most hilarious I’ve seen so far. Since the reactors are Japanese and one of the reactors actually speaks Filipino, it added a certain dimension to the viewing.

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  1. That was great!! No wonder the show meant so much to you and others! I never saw the Japanese version. I wonder if it’ll be shown on yootoob, too.

    • John Kenn Nishizawa

      I think the anime version was already available on YouTube. Let me see…
      That’s the link to the playlist, enjoy!

      Voltes V Anime

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