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OPM: Recommended Musical Acts from the Philippines

In this list, we feature young, fresh talents who have been celebrated locally. They are highly recommended to our readers – especially those who wish to discover Pinoy…

SB19 keeps on getting bigger and better!

SB19 took the world by storm (literally) and by storm, I mean they managed to get music fans’ attention because of their sheer talents and a tweet! All…

An emotional reaction to SB19’s MAPA

SB19’s Bazinga

SB19’s catchy and dance-able new music video, Bazinga! The music video is already making waves in various social media platforms!

The SB19 evolution: From ‘wannabe’ to ‘most sought after!

The SB19 evolution begins! There was a time early in SBP19’s career when they launched ‘Go Up’, thinking it was their last chance at fame. When earlier, responses…