SB19 took the world by storm (literally) and by storm, I mean they managed to get music fans’ attention because of their sheer talents and a tweet! All the hard work paved the way for such popularity.

SB19 is unique and different

Even non-fans became ‘fans’ in a bandwagon style. While there is no sarcasm in that, as an ‘old’ fan, I find certain comments (after what the boys had to go through before they became popular) were a bit cruel. Anyway, here’s celebrating their ever-increasing popularity!

The Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post was quick to point out why SB19 from the Philippines is such a unique and different boy band:

Members Josh, Pablo, Stell, Ken and Justin got their big break in 2019 with their second single Go Up after gaining attention for their dance practice video. Since then, SB19 became the first Filipino act to appear on the Billboard Next Big Sound Chart and the Billboard Social 50 Chart, reaching No 6 on the latter by the end of 2020.

K-pop? Try P-pop: from SB19 to Ben&Ben, 4 Filipino artists challenging South Korea’s dominance of Asian airwaves, @SCMP

Here’s their latest music video, Mapa:

Proof of this so-called ‘uniqueness’ is quite evident in the above video. While it has an ‘anime’ feel to it, the soothing and sentimental voices of the boys rule! The lyrics are heartbreaking and inspiring. Of course, there have been many cutesy, aggressive, and fully-marketed Filipino boybands since years ago, but what stood out for SB19 is not only their singing style (ala K-pop) but the overall package of the group – sleek and modern getups – as you can see above, they know how to dress in style. Plus the fact that they are good speakers and know what to say to the media when asked any questions (naughty or nice).

SB19 Origins

Here’s the music video that started it all… While it took them quite some time to become the breakout group, the way the public finally showered them with affection is massive and genuine.

and finally, What?

SB19 takes a 360-degree turn and turned (yup!) sleek and stylish and yes, very K-pop – yet they’re Pinoy all the way! You can immediately notice how they leveled up their performances in just a year’s time!

The Boyband scene in the Philippines

Going through the boyband scene in the Philippines, ABS-CBN’s mindset to also tap into the boy band territory, made them launch a sort of ‘rival’ to SB19. Officially named BGYO in 2021, the newer boy band’s journey towards fame may take a little more time than the now-established SB19. But BGYO showed plenty of promise. As an OPM enthusiast, the more boybands, the better. Then there is ALAMAT too!

I think a little competition may be great at this time (or in the future) to keep each group competitive and conscious of the fact that they have to be more than just ‘average’. Right now, SB19’s edge is not just their musical style and concept. They are managed by a company with the right K-pop connection and have gone through the same process as most K-pop boy bands. How they present themselves to the public is also commendable – after all, they were the first!

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