In this list, we feature young, fresh talents who have been celebrated locally. They are highly recommended to our readers – especially those who wish to discover Pinoy pop music also known as OPM (Original Pinoy Music)

Skusta Clee – Rap, upbeat music

Skusta Clee – Gifted with a fresh, modern, and emphatic musical style, this popular rap artist writes songs that resonate with both young and old. While Skusta Clee sings and raps in the native tongue, his message and meaning are universal. These messages include love and loss, discovering one’s identity, reconciliation, and lately, having a newborn son who serves as inspiration. Below, is one of Skusta Clee’s most viewed music videos.

The Juans – Emphatic music at its finest

The Juans create music that is both haunting and beautiful (poetic even!). Their unique blend of sentimental beats with equally emotional and vulnerable lyrics separates them from some of today’s loud and aggressive Filipino musical artists. Yet, OPM is known to be sentimental and emphatic through the years!

The music video below is one of their most popular!

SB 19: Spearheading Global recognition

SB19 is tailored to fit to conform to the K-pop model yet it has a uniquely Filipino identity that is proud as it is global in intent and purposes. Trained in South Korea, the young boyband projects ‘Korean’ yet when they start singing in their native tongue, everyone will know who they are. Looks can be ‘deceiving’ and in the case of SB19, looks are just a façade (and the term is used in the most positive way!).

The music video below is not only ‘danceable’ but is bubbly and fresh. A new audience will appreciate how SB19 incorporates the Korean style with Filipino artistry.

TJ Monterde: Underrated crooner

TJ Monterde is this list’s crooner. He has a massive following in Central Philippines and can be considered ‘underrated’. Yet his powerful yet soothing voice can deliver the best in OPM and can compete with some of the best crooners from Luzon and the capital, Manila.

Watch the video below is a sampling of TJ’s signature musical style!

Bandang Lapis: Angsty, powerful OPM

Bandang Lapis is composed of singer John Lester Abano, and guitarists Lyn Rey Beltran and Mark Jay Nievas. Also, bassist Ryanpaul Marangga, drummer Leanro Rapuno, keyboardist Jomari Gabriel Luna and rapper Ivan Arcena Morallos. Their unique Filipino sound is heartfelt as it is modern. It’s the perfect combination of rock and ballads and a host of other musical influences. Not only does their unique sound makes them captivating, but their music videos are extraordinary as well.

One of the latest singles, ‘Kabilang Buhay‘ has a haunting appeal. The music video has a certain enigmatic atmosphere that is worth more than just a single run. Audiojunkiereview says:

Bandang Lapis, The biggest breakout band of 2020, had their nationwide success for their elegiac song “Kabilang Buhay.” The track continues to grow and to date, “Kabilang Buhay” now has a total of 37 Million views for their music video, 20 Million views for their Wish Bus performance, and over 16.5 Million streams on Spotify.

‘Bandang Lapis Continue Winning Streak’

Watch another of the band’s captivating videos below!

This featured post will be updated to add more bands and musical acts!