The SB19 evolution begins! There was a time early in SBP19’s career when they launched ‘Go Up’, thinking it was their last chance at fame.

When earlier, responses to the group have been generalized as ‘lukewarm’, and perhaps it’s best to part ways and pursue different directions. Today, that is far away from reality. What has changed this status from ‘wanna-be’ to most sought after? Let me see…

Their appeal has always been international and not entirely local. That may seem a contradiction when they sing in a local dialect (such as Tagalog). But then again, how come K-pop boybands have huge appeal in the US and Europe? Do these fans understand Korean lyrics? Not really.

A little over 10 years (or even earlier, perhaps), it was Japanese pop who started it all. It paved the way for Korean musical acts to have a go and launch careers after careers. Their musical output is more polished and marketed like crazy – precisely to level it up. Their music videos are sleek and modern and visually arresting in a way not seen before.

SB19 wins big at First Tiktok Philippines Awards! Group wins Top Celebrity Award.

While US-based musical artists have relied on aggressive promotions and innovative music videos, the Koreans up the ante by being original and incorporating English rap or selected lyrics into Korean songs. It took years before global music fans accepted Korean as a universal musical language.

So, why not Pinoy? That is apparently the case as SB19 is shortlisted by Billboard – lending credence to their place in the global music community.

The Billboard mention is enough to whet the appetite of any boyband member wannabe!

This article is a follow-up to our previous SB19 post: SB19 keeps getting bigger and better.