Up-and-coming Korean boy band OnlyOneOf’s Underground Idol series is currently giving Boys Love fans a triple treat. The latest music video ‘be mine’ continues the previous BL vibes of Begin and Be Free. Watch them all after the jump!

JunJi ‘be mine’

Rating: 4 out of 5.
[MV] JunJi ‘be mine’ | OnlyOneOf Official YouTube channel

Visually arresting, with danceable, positive vibes, and just enough Boys Love tease, the third video in the BL-inspired musical theme is released at the right time – when people are looking for positivity amidst the bad news all over. Says a fan:

As someone who is (L)GBTQ I think it is really really brave to do this and to talk about these storylines. As a newer fan, I find it really brave and inspiring. You guys know who you are with your music and stick to your own standards. I am forever impressed. I hope you know you have many fans that respect you highly.

1 among the 4.5K comments generated by the MV.

The narrative feels like a love confession that begins with long, loving stares and a ‘proposal’ to be together. Scenes segued into what could be described as a serious relationship. Yet, the treatment of all these remains fun and light – yes, bubbly even!

Certain things that made me wanna shout with joy:

  • ramen
  • pink and yellow popsicles
  • palmera plants
  • water hose and the whole shower-garden interplay
  • good ole telephone booth

Making-of vid is just as good – showing glimpses of what happened during the shoot. Sort of must-watch for fans (new and old).

The two bandies look so good together – BL actors could take some cue from them!

YooJung ‘begin’

Rating: 4 out of 5.
[MV] YooJung ‘begin’ | OnlyOneOf Official YouTube channel

MV premiered on the 27th June 2022 and has garnered 2.7 million views already. With notes posted by the official channel saying:

Among the countless lovers in the world, there are also lovers that couldn’t be blessed. For whatever reasons. Religious reasons, things like parents’ disapproval. I dedicate this song to all those lovers!

Possesses a bit of a darker mood than JunJi’s ‘be mine’, yet the androgynous figures of the actor’s interplay with the music serve as a declaration of love – in the nextGen context. Using the ‘age-old’ telephone booth gives the MV a seductive appeal – sort of answers the question: Are we shy? Not!

KB ‘be free’

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
[MV] KB ‘be free’ | OnlyOneOf Official YouTube channel

I couldn’t confess because I didn’t want to get hurt | The moments of hesitation. | Let’s talk even if we’re hurt. | Even though it’s broken and painful, | Let’s face it together.

One of the best MVs I’ve seen this week.

Transitions from the previous ‘begin’ while giving more emphasis to the groove. The range from the funky, upbeat standard to the falsetto is alluring as it is sensual and energizing. The bed scene is done oh-so tastefully!

OnlyOneOf fandom wiki explains their world-view concept as:

The main concept that OnlyOneOf embraces as a group is an infinite expansion. When the group debuted, they described their beginnings as a dot. With each new release, they declare their ambition to continue to leap in every way, expanding into more dimensions, turning into lines, then planes. This structural universe serves as a metaphor for the endless exploration and evolution the group pursues, both as artists and people. It also serves as a clear reminder of their multi-faceted humanness, including “negative” traits and ideas that are stereotypically absent in most idol concepts and groups. [source]

More MVs at OnlyOneOf’s official YouTube channel.