100 mankai Ieba Yokatta [100万回 言えばよかった] is a Japanese drama about love lost and found, mystery and the afterlife, romance, and a cast of superb Japanese actors!

This TBS drama stars Takeru Satoh (of the action-pack adventure franchise Rurouni Kenshin), Mao Inoue (one of Japan’s critically acclaimed actresses), and Kenichi Matsuyama (of Death Note fame). No one could ask for better casting.


I Wish I Said It A Million Times tells the story of 2 childhood friends Yui Soma (Mao Inoue) and Naoki Torino (Takeru Satoh) who lost contact and meets unexpectedly when they were adults. Torino proposes to Soma but dies suddenly before they could get married. Soma has no idea what happened. Enters Detective Yuzuru Uozumi (Kenichi Matsuyama), whom Torino contacts and asks to intervene on his behalf, and tell Soma what happened.

Mao Inoue who plays Yui Soma is the titular character of this series.

Inoue Mao on Intagram

Takeru Satoh is doing both mainstream films (specifically action-adventures) and indie productions as well. He’s such a well-rounded actor.

Takeru Satoh on Instagram

Finally, the actor playing the detective and serving as the ‘relay guy’ between the ill-fated lovers is none other than Kenichi Matsuyama. He’s one of the best Japanese actors around and has amassed an impressive list of projects through the years.

TBS will broadcast I Wish I Said It A Million Times, a fantasy love story as a Friday drama frame (every Friday at 10:00) in January 2023.